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Why Our Clients Hire Us

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

"Kari provided both the emotional support and the detailed knowledge that my daughter needed during the college application process. It was our first time as parents helping a child apply to college and we would have found it very difficult to navigate without Kari's guidance. She never made us feel like she was too busy to talk. She welcomed our questions and always had my daughter's best interest at heart. She even set up an opportunity for a mock college interview to help my daughter and her classmates get feedback and develop their interview skills. As a result, my daughter walked into her Harvard interview feeling confident."

-Gisou, Beijing, PRC

"My daughter received invaluable advice and support from Kari during her university search. And really, we as her parents received the same! Applying for university has changed greatly, and as it is a journey fraught with indecision, having Kari’s perspective and calming demeanor was so helpful."

-Tim, Brightwood, VA

"Working with Next Level College Application literally saved our family's relationship. Our daughter was very resistant to listening to any advice or guidance from her parents, yet she was overwhelmed by the entire college process and clearly needed some help. Once she started working with Kari, her whole attitude shifted. She was much more positive about what she could accomplish and she felt like Kari was really on her side and she listened to her guidance."

-Stephanie, Seattle, WA

"Kari was able to assist us as a multinational family, living overseas, and as teacher parents. While my husband and I have supported other students, assisting our own child was very different. Kari was able to weave through all the emotions and guided our daughter to actually take action and celebrate her successes and final decisions. She received offers and was accepted at her first choice. But more importantly, she accomplished the next step of her learning journey. We are very grateful for Kari’s investment in our daughter’s future"

-Steph, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Looking at the testimonials we see two main reasons why our clients have chosen us.

  1. Where to start? The university application process has changed so much in the decades since parents applied in the 80’s, 90’s or even the 00’s. When I applied to university in 1991 nothing was done online. Fast forward to today and nearly everything is. Knowing and understanding the application process and how to make your application stand out is essential.

  1. Family harmony. The Fresh Prince was correct when he observed that ‘Parents just don’t understand’. Hiring a college counselor allows you to enjoy your children during their last year at home by letting the counselor give them honest feedback about their writing and hold them to deadlines.

Our licensed counselors have experience with the entire application process including:

  • Building a college list and finding the Best Fit schools

  • FAFSA and how to apply for financial aid

  • Creating a Common App account (or any of the dozens of other platforms used around the world).

  • Essays and Personal Statement coaching

  • Letter of Recommendation guidance

  • SAT and ACT guidance

  • How to evaluate your acceptances and choose a school

Make an appointment and have a free consultation with a counselor. We can design a custom package that gives you exactly the help that you need. Check out our website and see which services are a good match for you and your family.

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