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Together Kari and Matthew have helped students from all over the world find their Best Fit schools.  They are familiar with the application systems of more than 20 countries and know how to make your application the best it can be.  Schedule a meeting to find out more.

Flip the script on applying to University and get offers from schools around the world.  Find out how.

Watch our free Webinar and see how to find your best fit school. 

Join our virtual tour of 100 U.S. Universities.  Big schools, small schools, public and private.  Schools that are very selective and ones that attainable.  Check out the list and see if your Best Fit school is there.

Questions about applying to university?  Our team of experienced high school university counselors are here to help you find your Best Fit school and make your application the best it can be.  Email us at and start a conversation.

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