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University Application Terms

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Acceptance Letter

Formal acknowledgement from a university that a student is admitted. Yay!!!


Acceptance Rate

Percent of students applying to the university who are actually accepted.



A formal request for admission to a college or university; requires the submission of forms and other materials.


Common Application

A standard online application form accepted by many universities in the USA and around the world.



When the application is due. Every university is different, so you must make sure you know your due dates. No extensions granted.



Action taken by colleges for both Early Action an Early Decision applications. This means students are not accepted or denied yet, but their application is moved to the Regular Decision round.



Student did not get into the university. Sad, but normal.

Early Action

A non-binding application program. Students usually apply for a November deadline and receive a decision from the university in mid December.


Early Decision I/II

A BINDING contract application program. Students apply for a November deadline and receive a decision from the university in mid December. If you get accepted ED, you are obligated to go there.


Holistic Review

Selection processes that consider applicants' experiences, attributes, and academic as well as the value an applicant would contribute to the learning environment.


Online Application

Applying to a university by filling out an application that is sent electronically.


Open Admission

A college policy that any student with a high school diploma is accepted, usually available at community colleges in the USA.


Regular Decision

Process by which a student submits an application by the specified deadline and a decision is received no later than April 15th for a university in the USA.


Rolling Admissions

Application process at some universities where applications are accepted any time as long as there are spots available.



Standard online application system used by universities in The Netherlands



Standard online application system used by universities in the UK.



A list of applicants who might still be admitted as more spots open up.


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