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Next Level Essay
Personal Statement and
Essay Guidance Package

Our counselors are like the dentists of essay writing.  We take an x-ray of your ideas from you and polish them up.  We are sure to take out the parts that aren't helping you, and brush up the grammar to get that essay looking bright and shiny!

1. Up-front guidance and advising to save you time.  Firstly, we take the time to get to know you and what is important to you through a survey.  We’ll look over your answers and then schedule time to meet with you via video conference. This 'face-to-face' meeting will provide us with the opportunity to get better acquainted with you. We’ll brainstorm together in real time and determine how to best present yourself and your unique qualifications in your personal statement. In this session, you’ll go over the core idea behind your essay and how to approach structuring it, as well as any important life experiences you might want to include.

2. An outline for your personal statement based on your questionnaire responses.   After the brainstorm discussion,  your consultant will create an outline for your personal statement that provides structure and direction. It consists of bullet points and prompts and is not a full draft. The goal is that you will have the confidence and direction to start writing. This initial step saves you time in creating your first draft and ultimately helps to produce a superior final result.

3. Personal statement editing. Once you’ve completed a strong first draft, your consultant will dig into the copy and begin editing. They’ll be focusing primarily on clarity, word usage, style, grammar, and spelling. From there, you’ll receive a draft with suggested corrections and changes. You’ll revise it based on those recommendations and then shoot it back to them. At this point, you’ll likely do a bit of back-and-forth with your consultant, fine tuning and editing until you have a personal statement you’re 100% happy with. Note that most personal statements benefit best from 2-4 rounds of review, but there is no clock ticking.

Cost: $1,500

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