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U.S. College Road Trip! Episode 13- George Washington University

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

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George Washington University (GWU) is a private federally chartered research university in Washington, D.C.. GWU recognizes that every student is unique and has different needs to succeed with over 500 student organizations, including academic clubs, cultural groups, service organizations, and more. These organizations provide students with opportunities to meet new people, develop leadership skills, and pursue their interests. The university offers academic advising, career services, and study abroad programs in 50 countries.

Famous alumni include Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, actors Jered Leto, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and former President of South Korea Syngman Rhee.

Here are some unique aspects of GWU:

  • Academic programs: GWU offers a wide range of academic programs across its 10 schools and 35+ research institutes, including many highly ranked programs in fields such as international affairs, public policy, and law.

  • Location: Being located in Washington, D.C., GWU offers students unique opportunities to engage with government, politics, and public policy. Students have access to internships, research opportunities, and other experiences that can help prepare them for careers in these fields.

  • No-fly zone: Most of the campus is in a no-fly zone due to its proximity to the White House.

  • Chemical engineering department: The chemical engineering department is located in a separate building from the rest of the campus, which is unique among universities.

  • Alumni: Many GWU alumni have gone on to careers in politics and public service, including 17 who have been on the cover of Time magazine.

  • Arts scene: GWU has a thriving arts scene, including dance groups, improvisation, theatre clubs, and art galleries.

  • Individualized attention: GWU prides itself on providing individualized attention to each student, recognizing that everyone has different needs to succeed.

For the Class of 2025, GWU received 27,277 applications and accepted 50% of the overall pool.

GWU is test-optional for the 2023-2024 application cycle, meaning that SAT/ACT scores are not required for admission. However, students can still choose to submit their scores if they feel that they will strengthen their application. For students who do choose to submit test scores, the middle 50% of admitted students have an SAT score between 1310 and 1490 or an ACT score of 30 and 34.

Here’s the link for admissions to learn more.

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George Washington Alum? Any insight into your experiences would be amazing. At Next Level College Application we do not have an agenda other than helping our clients find the schools that are the best fit for them.

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