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U.S. College Road Trip! Episode 20 - Boston University

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I visited BU in the summer of 2022. It is an urban campus spread out over downtown Boston. It isn’t a traditional campus like we think of in ‘Animal House’, it is an exciting place to be in right in the middle of all the action. Martin Luther King attended BU to earn his Ph. D. at the School of Theology. Other trivia? In 1917, the Boston terrier became BU’s official mascot. Coincidentally, the Boston terrier was first bred in 1839, the same year that Boston University was founded.

BU has over 500 clubs and organizations, ranging from academic and professional groups to cultural and recreational clubs . Students can join clubs related to their interests or start their own with as few as four other students.

Here are some things that make Boston University unique:

  • Location: Boston University is located in the heart of Boston, which provides students with a wealth of opportunities to consider in their field of study or area of special interest. The city is known for its hip neighborhoods, soaring skyscrapers, championship sports teams, and rich history and culture.

  • Diversity: Boston University is known for its diverse student body, which includes students from nearly 100 countries and alumni living in over 180 countries. Virtually anyone can fit in here, regardless of ethnicity, religion, economic background, or general interests.

  • Academic Programs: Boston University offers a wide range of academic programs, including an Honors College, Film/Television department, and several Engineering programs. With some 650 courses on global topics and faculty research on every continent, it ranks among the world's top universities.

  • Career Services: Boston University invests in its students' future with dedicated career services for students and alumni. Recruiters and CEOs rank BU graduates 13th in the US for employability.

  • Residential Campus: Boston University has a residential campus, which provides students with a sense of community and a home away from home.

  • Study Abroad Program: Boston University's study abroad program is widely considered among the best in the country.

  • School of Law: BU's School of Law is equally renowned and offers a variety of emphases, including courses for entertainment law and sports law.

  • Arts and Culture: Boston is home to a thriving arts and culture scene, and Boston University is located in the heart of it. Students have access to a wide range of cultural events, museums, and galleries.

Boston University acceptance rate for the Class of 2026 was 14%. Boston University requires either the SAT or ACT for admission, and the university super scores both tests. The average SAT score for admitted students is between 1360-1520, while the average ACT score is between 31-34.

Here’s the link for admissions to learn more.

Go Terriers!

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