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U.S. College Road Trip! Episode 30- Wellesley College

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Wellesley College is a private, nonprofit liberal arts college for women located in Wellesley, Massachusetts. It is the highest endowed women's college in the United States. The college offers a rigorous and dynamic academic program that allows each student to pursue a course of study that's right for her.

Wellesley College has a vibrant community with a focus on health and wellness. There are many student organizations to join, and they plan hundreds of events each semester. There are many extracurricular activities available to students, including clubs and organizations focused on academics, arts, culture, politics, and social issues. There are also many opportunities for community service and volunteering.

Notable alumni include Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright, actor Elisabeth Shue, and newsperson Diane Sawyer.

Some unique aspects of Wellesley include:

  • Campus Culture: Wellesley College is known for its unique campus culture. The majority of the faculty are women, and the buildings on campus are named after women. The student body is close-knit and mindful, emphasizing respect and community. Students have a strong communal relationship with each other, which is evident in the use of Big and Little Sisters.

  • The student-faculty ratio is 7:1, which means classes are small enough for students to get personal attention, but large enough to foster debate and exchanges of information. Classes at Wellesley typically range in size from 12 to 24 students.

  • Financial Aid Policy: Wellesley College has a simple financial aid policy. They admit stellar students and then make Wellesley financially possible for them. They meet 100% of calculated need for all admitted students and cut student loans for families making under $100,000 a year. They have a $74 million financial aid budget and an average aid award of $62,500 per year.

  • Location: Wellesley College is located on a stunning 500-acre campus that was built for women. The campus is located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, which is a suburb of Boston. This location provides students with access to the city while still being able to enjoy the beauty of the campus.

  • The college has several academic departments and programs in the Science Center, including Chemistry, Cognitive/Linguistic Sciences, Computer Science, Environmental Studies, and Geosciences.

  • Education: Wellesley College is known for the excellence of its education and its gifted faculty. The community is diverse, progressive, and well-rounded, and students go on to amazing jobs and graduate programs. The college also has a strong study abroad program that allows students to engage with the wider world.

The acceptance rate for the Class of 2027 was 13%, with 8,400 applications received. The average SAT score for students who get into Wellesley College is between 1400-1540, and the average ACT score is between 31-34.

Here’s the link for admissions to learn more. Go Blue!!

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