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U.S. College Road Trip! Episode 37 - United States Air Force Academy

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The United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado provides a unique education that combines athletics, character and leadership development, and military training to forge outstanding United States Air Force and Space Force officers who are ready to lead on day one.

The Air Force Academy offers more than 30 majors and 13 minors across a range of interests, from science and engineering to humanities and military studies. Cadets are encouraged to pursue a major that aligns with their interests and career goals.

Notable alumni include NBA coach Gregg Popovich, current Bulgarian President Rumen Radav (weird, right?) and US Representative Martha McSally.

Here are some of the great things about the Air Force Academy:

  • World-class education: The U.S. Air Force Academy has one of the most prestigious and respected academic programs in the nation, offering more than 30 majors and 13 minors across a range of interests, from science and engineering to humanities and military studies.

  • No cost education: The Academy education is valued at more than $416,000, yet it is offered at no cost to cadets. All that is required in return is the commitment to serve as an officer in the Air and Space Forces.

  • Leadership development: The Academy delivers an integrated and immersive academic, athletic, and military curriculum to develop leaders.

  • High graduation rate: The Academy ranks among the highest four-year colleges in the country when it comes to graduation rate. What's even more impressive is that 100% of graduates have a job immediately after commissioning.

  • Physical conditioning: Being an Airman means maintaining a high level of physical conditioning. That’s why cadets are required to participate in an intercollegiate or intramural sport of their choice, allowing them to build teamwork and leadership skills.

  • Well-structured Officer Training School: The United States Air Force Academy is a very well-structured Officer Training School as well as a college. It provides heaps of opportunities for students as well as a rigorous academic program that balances STEM with the arts and humanities.

Out of the 10,747 applicants seeking a spot in the Air Force Academy’s Class of 2024, only 1,416 were ultimately admitted into the USAFA. The Air Force Academy minimum SAT scores are 580 on Math and 620 on Reading and Writing. However, there is no absolute SAT requirement at the Academy, but they really want to see at least a 1230 to have a chance at being considered. Minimum ACT scores are 24 on English and Reading and 25 on Math and Science. Students who score below 24 on English and Reading and 25 on Math and Science on the ACT normally will not be competitive for an appointment directly into the Academy.

Here’s the link for admissions to learn more. Go Falcons!!

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