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U.S. College Road Trip! Episode 49 - Rutgers University

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Rutgers University is a public research university consisting of four campuses in New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden, New Jersey. Rutgers is the only university in the United States that is a colonial college, a land-grant institution, and a leading national public research university. It was chartered in 1766, making it the eighth-oldest college in the United States.

The most popular majors at Rutgers University are in the fields of social work, psychology, computer science, biology, and information science. Rutgers offers a robust range of extracurricular activities, including clubs, sports teams, and cultural organizations. There is something for everyone, whether you are interested in music, theater, sports, or community service.

Notable alumni include U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, actors James Gandolfini and Calista Flockhart and economist Milton Friedman.

Campus life at Rutgers University is vibrant and diverse, with many opportunities for involvement and personal growth. Here are some aspects of campus life at Rutgers:

  • Student organizations: Rutgers has over 500 student organizations, providing a wide range of opportunities for involvement and leadership. These organizations cover a variety of interests, from academic and professional organizations to cultural and recreational groups.

  • Diversity: Rutgers is one of the most diverse universities in the nation, and this diversity is reflected in the campus community. Students have the opportunity to learn from and interact with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

  • Academic excellence: Rutgers is one of the leading comprehensive public research universities in the nation, with a threefold mission of providing for the instructional needs of New Jersey’s residents, conducting innovative research, and aiding the economy and the state’s businesses and industries.

  • Location: Rutgers' four campuses are located in the culturally-diverse, redeveloping urban areas of Newark, Camden, and New Brunswick, with convenient access to New York City and Philadelphia. This location provides many opportunities for students to explore the surrounding areas and take advantage of the cultural and recreational offerings.

The acceptance rate for Rutgers University in 2022 is 68%. Rutgers University is a test-optional institution, which means that students are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores for admission. Students admitted to Rutgers University have an average SAT between 1240-1470, and the average ACT score between 27-33.

Here’s the link for admissions to learn more. Go Scarlet Knights!

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Rutgers Alum? Any insight into your experiences would be amazing. At Next Level College Application we do not have an agenda other than helping our clients find the schools that are the best fit for them.

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