Who We Are

What we are about

Personalized College Counseling 

Choosing and applying to universities is an important yet scary process.  So many different deadlines and processes to navigate.  It is  often the root of much stress, conflict and hurt feelings within families.  Having a third-party referee to help parents and their children get on the same page will reduce anxiety and help create a plan that will make Senior year more enjoyable and peaceful.

Our consultants use their experience in International Schools to specialize in helping students from around the world find their ‘Best Fit’ University.  As full time University Counselors we choose to only work with a few  clients at a time.  There is no ‘Shopping Cart’ to purchase services, you meet with a real person and have a real conversation before making any purchase.  This ensures you get the most accurate, individualized attention you need during this stressful time.

 There are many agencies out there that make dubious claims.  We, on the other hand, want to be completely transparent. Here are some examples of what we will and won't do in order to provide the most authentic and principled assistance for our clients.

What We Do

  • Get to know you as a person and as an applicant to understand what you want out of the college experience.

  • Guide you through the application processes for your chosen universities. 

  • Assist with essays and personal statements from topic selection to final edits and everything in between.

  • Work with students to convey their personal voice in their essays, showing their authentic selves to prospective universities.

  • Give you honest and ethical feedback.

  • Advise about ‘Good Fit’ universities and how to apply at a range of schools to give you the best options.

What We  Don't Do

  • Push clients toward particular universities.  Our counselors are NOT agents and have no incentive to recommend one university over another.  We recommend universities based on the best fit for the client.

  • Promise admission to any particular university.  It is impossible to make these promises honestly and ethically. 

  • Promise Financial Aid or Scholarships.  Our counselors can help guide through the process, but make no promises about receiving aid.